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Andie Kate

Andie Kate | born April 2, 2019

There’s a first time for everything they say... This is my first time writing a blog and this was Abbie Joyce’s first time giving birth. She welcomed gorgeous little Andie Kate on April 2nd 2019. When Abbie and her mother came to my studio I felt an immediate connection to them. It’s something I cannot describe. It was like seeing someone at a store and thinking you know them from somewhere or having deja vu while day dreaming but it’s most likely because we are both born in a small town. Small town vibes are what I live for... the lazy Sunday mornings and slow drives into town to the overly sweet tea and thick southern accents, I’ll take it all. Abbie and her mother were so warm and inviting and definitely made my job easy.

Little Andie Kate is sure to have many “firsts” as well! This journey that Abbie and Andie will experience together is going to be such a fun and exciting ride! I am beyond grateful that I was the one to capture the “first” few moments for Abbie and her family to enjoy for a lifetime.

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